Yet Another Site Designed – And I Am Proud Of This One

sousvidexpress.comOnce more, I feel obliged to share my latest design and completed project with the world. When I was approached for this site, I felt it wasn’t that much different from the previous website I made, the However, spending an hour with the proprietor I felt it needed more than the usual design elements. In fact, after a while I was convinced that this would be a challenge for me. See, I am not that great with JavaScript and jQuery so making intuitive website interactions isn’t really my strong suit but this project presented me the opportunity to learn and improve on my JQuery coding skills.

The website is and it needed some amount of side animation, varying page designs and above all a lot of proprietary coding. Fact is that this website while being a normal review site, plans on selling in the near future so it had to be made in a manner so as to allow a cart and other such features to slot in when the time came. While the ecom aspects are not yet live, the provisions have been made.

The Aesthetics

sousvide_twoTo start with, the website is made with a sober color choice. It packs in the colors found in the logo and with plenty of whites, this gives it a more refined but clean appearance. I choose a font that would not be the conventional San Serif or otherwise but a slightly more prominent one. As for the post images and other images, they are done with blurring and fading to one side giving out even more white space on the site.

The Animations

Sliders, small sliders and even post hover effects are all achieved with JQuery. You can even notice a slight scroll animation that smoothens out the scrolling effect. Simple but effective – these are the animations I felt would suit such a website.

The Ecom Features

While not visible at the moment but the website actually has a functional cart, PayPal integration and capability to take on any other payment portal API in the future. Once activated the cart and basket module will display on all pages plus a separate shop page would be visible to the customer. Just waiting for the proprietor to finish up reviewing vacuum sealers so he can start stocking up.

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