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I started working on this project long about 10 months ago right from its inception. The first edition that was created entirely by the client was a simple themed website that was more a blog site than a niche website. His reason for making it such was because he was only targeting the keyword best lawn mower reviews. My immediate change was to first replace the theme with a paid Avada theme since I believe this is an excellent premium theme to make niche specific websites. It also has the advantage of being a GUI user-friendly designing theme.

With the fusion builder, my client eventually took over maintenance of the website, making new designs for pages without ever coding a single line. That’s why I love Avada but only if the client pays enough!

Here are a few snapshots of what the site looks like now.

home page

I also made a few changes on it that reflect better with search engines. For instances, the homepage earlier lacked engaging content. To overcome this a simple search on fiverr revealed a good drawing animator who made a funny yet cute video of a lawn mower. That became the site’s first impression on a visitor.walk behind mower comparison test page

Next, the comparison table was made to ensure it draws attention from the moment someone lands on it. This was a challenge as it took hours just getting it right. My choice of plugin used here was Tablepress – an easy to use highly configurable and customizable table maker.

zero turn mower reviewsOne other thing that I believe makes this site stand out is the complete mobile friendliness. As of May 2015, Google factors mobile friendliness heavily in site rankings and the client wanted to leverage this to his advantage. Every single page is made such that on any platform and zoom level, it will render just perfect without odd white space or overlapping content or design.


This article and confidential information on the website is published with the consent of the site owner for You are free to use the ideas I applied here and also browse the actual site to gain inspiration. But do leave feedbacks and comments so I may too learn alongside!

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